A Funny Thing Happened…..

A Funny Thing

The past Friday I had an appointment with Dr. Hopp, my ophthalmologist. He’s great. Without his care and the personal service of his staff I would have had a much harder time of all of this. After an examination of my eye Dr. Hopp told me that the fluid behind my eye appears to have diminished a little. Me, being the perpetual ‘sounds good to me’ guy paid that comment no heed. Until this morning, Sunday. Today I didn’t wear my eye patch at all. Now, the left eye still has almost no central vision and limited peripheral vision and that’s why I’ve been wearing the eye patch for almost 2 months regularly now, it reduces the strain of seeing clearly because the brain isn’t fighting over what the good right eye and the bad left eye are telling it that they see.

But I have to tell you, although there is no obvious improvement in my left eye’s vision, today I had none of the regular depth perception difficulties, none of the blurring, strobing and occasional feelings of vertigo.

Has the time with the eye patch on helped to strengthen the right eye to a better command of the optic signals?

Has the last Avastin treatment had some effect and reduced the fluid and the growth behind my eye?

Are my prayers and petitions being answered?

I believe that it is all of the above.  And that there is hope. I’m not worried about the big ‘C’ anymore.