Confirmation: Stage 1

Confirmation Stage One

Today I received the results of my last MRI. The scan confirms the initial diagnosis of ocular melanoma. My next series of appointments is September 19 in Vancouver. I will visit the Eye Care Center and go on to visit the BC Cancer Clinic. My hope is that the cancer has not spread, that the 2 Avastin treatments have had some effect on the tumor. I’m not sure what to do from today until September 18. Any suggestions?

I guess now I am just waiting for the final confirmation that the cancer has not spread to my liver, which is usually it’s first stop if travelling. This leaves a very strange feeling to one’s self. I know that many have had this feeling. What is next?

I am fortunate that I have the life and lifestyle that I have. My business is sound and I basically work from home. I have  a wife that loves and supports me, although I can only imagine what is going through her mind right now. This is not the time to let moments escape with unsaid words.

Tomorrow, I hope I have one, will be another day. One day closer to confirmation stage 2.

Lord, please give me lots of tomorrows.