Waiting Sux

Here it is, late night October 2.

I have 9 more days until I begin the trip and arrive in Vancouver and on the 12th my eye operation is scheduled where I will have the markers/plaques placed around the tumor behind my eye.

I still can’t believe all this is happening. It all seems so unreal.

And the waiting… waiting… waiting…

Sleep is always a great idea, right? Well for me I buy new domain names and plan out more ways to create content for the web. 2 new domains today. I will save the work for all the waiting time in Vancouver. 14 days, 5 operations and treatments. Plenty of healing days. At least the hotel has high-speed internet access. I can work or at least try to.

Now, sleep. I’m tired. Stressed. And tired.

I have added the handout about the TRIUMF treatment center. The document discusses the basics of proton radiation treatment. It’s in PDF format so you should be able to easily view it by clicking on the link below:

TRIUMF document for eye treatment using proton radiation