Pre-Op Test Results

Yesterday I visited my family doctor and got the results of my chest xray and blood work. Was I tense… yes. Scared? More than I could tell you.

The good news is that the chest xray showed nothing abnormal. The blood work also showed nothing abnormal. Maybe I’ve been spared the cancer spreading. I’m not so sure. With my first operation to place the markers around the tumor in my eye only days away I dread the possibility that I may still have to also undergo a biopsy of my liver to see what that spot is they saw back in July.

I get to have my eye turned almost inside out… maybe several needles punched through my abdominal wall…

Scared? Maybe a little. Tense? Yes, a lot. Hope? Slipping away every second. But hope being lost I know is only because of the waiting. Months become weeks. Weeks become days. Days will become hours.

And I am wound as tight as any Swiss clock. Thank God for Sheila being able to hold me together.