Surgery: The Day After

Today is the day after my eye surgery. I have had 4 tantalum clips placed aound the tumor behind my eye. The eye is actauuly turned around and pulled out as much as they can to place the clips. UGH.

I am not nearly as beatup looking as I thought I would be, no bruising but there is a lot of swelling around the eye and eyelids. The eyeball itself has a lot of red, possibly broken or excited blood vessels.

There is discomfort, which I was told to expect. It actually feels like I was hit on the head and that there is a pine needle stuck in my eye.

I have a prescription of 3 different types of eye drops to use. They are to keep infection away and keep the eye moist. One is twice a day the other two are 4 times a day.

I have noticed a little oozing from the eye but not so much that I have to be concerned about. I was told that if there is a lot of discharge I should go to emergency as soon as possible.

I have pictures of how I look but cannot upload them until I am home again, in about 2 weeks. I look a lot better than I thought.

Monday starts the proton radiation treatment. I first go in to have the mask created that will hold me still during the treatment, movement is not allowed! Then I go in for a simulation run so I am prepared for what to expect during the actual treatment and also for the doctors to be able to indentify the area that will be aimed at by finding the clips that were placed in my surgery. A couple of days later the actual treatment begins and goes for 4 days.

Then home. I can’t wait for this part to be over.