Treatment 1 of 4

Today I received the first of four treatments of proton radiation. I’m happy to say that due to the care and attention of the doctors, cancer technicians and physicists involved all went extremely well.

It’s incredible the amount of planning, checking and rechecking of measurements and proton radiation dosing that is required for the very quick 90 seconds of treatment that each session will take.

Being “masked” into the chair to immobilize me so that I cannot move, having anesthetic drops into my both eyes to reduce the “blink urge”, having more x-rays taken to ensure the proper alignments and aim of the beam went quite quickly and after arriving at about 8:45am I was finished and on my way back to the hotel before I knew it. Sheila was able to take more pictures including the monitors used to watch me in my place and the beam as it is being used and my reactions to it.

Although the beam is invisible I had a feeling of apprehension when the procedure started only because I am fearful of not being able to watch the blinking light for the full 90 seconds without blinking or letting my eyes wander and cause the beam to be miss it’s mark. But I made it through without a hitch and the treatment was done in one attempt. It’s not uncommon for the patient to blink or avert their eyes and require the procedure to be stopped and restarted, that is what the doctors watch for, but I made it through. I just hope I am as ready again tomorrow.