Treatment 2 and 3

Saturday was treatment day 2. There was a mislocation of some of the pictures from my file so instead of having the treatment in the morning it was rescheduled for the afternoon. All went well and it was over before I knew it, taking about an hour from setup until I was able to leave. I am having a hard time watching the blinking light during the beams 90 seconds of treatment and the treatment was interrupted by Dr. Ma because my eye wandered from it’s target and changing the area where the beam is targeted to hit, so we had a restart.

Other than that there has been no effects to myself that I have noticed. I have had no ill effects which is what I was told to expect. The proton radiation does not cause any effects to the patient other than possibly a permanent loss of some eyelashes if the upper or lower lid are within the treatment boundaries and there may be some sunburn-like tissue damage as well but that shouldn’t appear for while after the treatments have been completed.

Sunday was treatment day number 3. It went without any problems although again I have trouble watching the blinking light and the proton beam was interrupted by Dr. Paton when my eyes moved from watching the blinking light target. The blinking light tends to disappear from view after several seconds once the eye gets tired from staring at it. For the fourth treatment Dr. Paton has decided to break the treatment into two parts to allow me to give my eyes a short rest and be bale to hold my position better.

Today’s treatment took only about an hour again, fast in and out is nice.