3 Weeks Later

It’s 3 weeks and a couple of days since my last proton radiation treatment.

At first, except for the tiredness, I felt great. It was good to be back home, start the regular routine again.

Now, the sunburn effect has started on my left lower eyelid. Have you ever had a sunburn so bad that your skin felt so dry as to seem like it was cracking open? This is what I now feel.

It started 2 weeks to the day of the last radiation treatment. The sunburn effect grew quickly. Not so bothersome at first but after a few days, then a week! WOW. The pain from how the eyelid skin feels it won’t let me sleep.

I take an Advil every few hours to help to keep the swelling down. I ice my eye when the pain gets real bad. And I have a moisturizing cream that the pharmacist suggested, it’s fragrance free, non-oily too, which makes a big difference in how the eyelid reacts to the moisturizer. I was using a scented cream but it really stung. As well, I still have eyedrops to take 3 times a day to help the eye heal. Scented cream at the rim of the eyelid, mixed with eye drops, is a type of sting that no one should have to endure.

If I could only sleep at night!