May’s Excitement

Today as the final straw for the head pain I’ve been having for the last 10 days or two weeks or so.

A sharp pain through the top left of my head, sometimes feeling that it was freezing the left side of my face right down to my chin.

The pain is similar to a migraine headache but it isn’t one. None of the other migraine symptoms have shown up. Just the pain, loss of balance, lose of concentration. Movements slower because of the balance issue. (Almost fell in the pool the other day!)

Had enough today and saw my family doctor. He prescribed “Tamacet” pain killers. So far so good, but I can still feel the tightness across the left side of my face. And unsteady on my feet.

I’ll have a CT scan in the next week, hopefully nothing will be found.

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  1. Rob — I have enjoyed reading of your experiences with proton radiation. I went through the radiation process in December. I was very lucky in that the tumor in my eye was small. I had absolutely no side effects or burns from the radiation treatment. At my check-up in April, my doctor (Dr. Devron Charr) told me that things looked good and that the tumor was dead and shrinking. I still have 20/60 vision in my left eye and can see ok during the day. However, I have virtually no “night” vision at all. I have noticed that I have developed a small “blind spot” in my central vision. My field vision test results had not changed at my check-up. My tumor is located on the macula so I do have the classic symptoms of macular degeneration — all straight lines look rather “wavy” to me.

    All my best to you and please keep us posted on your headaches. I am worried about you, bro!

    Hope all is well!!

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