June ’07 Update

June has brought a sense of uniformity to my being. Although I am taking a handful of Tramacet a day and 2 Lyrica a day to maintain my pain-free existence (improved quality of life through pharmaceuticals, says my doctor) I manage to plug along.

I still have the ever-present threat of my head splitting open when I forget to take my Tramacet. The pain in my feet comes at me at all hours, often waking me from my sleep at night.

At the onset of the head pain (on top of the skull, behind the left eye, pain like an axe splitting my head to my jaw) I was scheduled for a CT scan. The results showed nothing other than the tumor and the 4 plaques that are still mounted on the back of my left eye, surrounding the tumor (left over from the proton radiation treatment).

The good news is that still the tumor has shown signs of shrinking. The eye may yet regain some blood vessels and live. I can persevere through this with the continued support of my wife, kids and family.

I am a cancer survivor, God willing.