July is the Month of Excitement!

I can’t believe that I am now a 1 year survivor of cancer.
It was July 4 2006 that I was finally diagnosed with ocular melanoma. After 3 years and a few months of “we don’t know”.

We are off to Vancouver on Sunday for my next 3 month checkup.
Not looking forward to the ultrasound.
Not looking forward to the results either.
Although Dr. Paton tells me that the tumor is shrinking, really, that’s the least of my worries.
I’m worried about the tumor spreading the cancer cells throughout my body.
Liver, lungs, etc.
In October, the next 3 month checkup, I think I’m due for a CAT scan or at least an ultrasound of my insides.

Call me “continually scared”.

But life goes on and I’m living it.
We’ve moved to a quiet community where we can feel safe with the kids, like the neighborhood and get back to less worries of life’s commitments.
And there is a pub a block away.
Just have to check if it’s close enough for me to connect wirelessly to my computer system.
“Hey, mind he noise I’m working here!” as I sit in the pub writing my articles.
Life can be great.

That’s all for now. See you after my July 23 checkup.