October Means Snow

Well, winter, although not officially due to start until Dec 21, has arrived in the first full blown snowfall for Logan Lake. Snow that did not melt away until late in the afternoon.

And so my mood goes. I have had my MRI, I have had my prescriptions upped, and yet, I am still having periods of great pain in my hands and feet, although the increase in Nortriptyline may be the reason why the times of pain are of lessened periods and duration.

At least my headaches have gotten better, not as many although I am still waking up with a headache. I am working on changing my diet to combat the low migraine threshold that may be a factor in my headaches. It’s not too strict a diet and I haven’t fallen off or cheated on it yet. More than 2 weeks of no chocolate, caffeine, preservatives in food and the like. It’s not as hard to follow as I first thought it would be. Thank God for that.

Another two weeks and I’ll be having my next 3 month cancer checkup. A snowy trip to Vancouver, I’m sure.

Meds currently taking:

Gabapentin 300mg – 3 times a day

Zopiclone 7.5 mg – 2 at bedtime

Nortriptyline 10mg – 3 at bedtime

Tramacet 37.5 mg – 1 to 2 tablets maximum 4 times a day