4th Quarterly Checkup October 22 2007

October 22 2007 was the last quarterly checkup that I hope to ever have.

The tumor that has caused my ocular melanoma shows signs of slowing down. During my Monday appointment I had a fluorescein angiogram (http://www.stlukeseye.com/eyeq/FluoresceinAngiogram.asp ) and an ultrasound on my left eye which revealed the possibility that the proton radiation is finally doing its job (12 months later), killing the blood vessels that are keeping the tumor alive. The photos taken during the FA were bright in my right eye (photos taken for comparison) but my left eye hardly even saw the light, never mind the red indicator of where to look for each picture to have a slightly different angle.

Who knows, I might beat this thing yet. At any rate, I am home again after the grueling driving trip and I plan on getting my work down and taking more time to rest.

Having cancer, even just knowing that it’s in my body, is highly stressful. This may be why my body is starting to show effects of neuropathy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuropathy). I can only hope I get better before I get worse.
I am still taking my meds, now at:
(up to) 8 Tramacet a day for my headaches;
1 Gabapentin three times a day (for possible neuropathy);
5 Nortriptyline (10mg each) at bedtime for possible neuropathy;
2 Zopiclone to help me sleep.

Most times now my hands hurt like hell, not so much the feet anymore although they have their painful moments.
The hardest thing I have to battle along with the headaches, are the extremely sore and sensitive fingers. Even typing this out is hard, full of typos. I can’t exactly get my fingers to where I need them on the keyboard too much anymore.

My 1-2-3 Program diet for headaches is going great. I didn’t have any problem with the restaurant food during the trip, just keep to the fresh food, no extra spices or onions and no fresh bread.
I have added to my collection of recipes, some good ones too. I plan on getting them on this site soon. It’s just hard to keep the fingers going.
Well, that was October 22.

Time to rest now. Next checkup is 6 months away, April 2008.

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  1. If you are having Migraines. Let me give you some suggestions from a fellow that has dealt with them for about 37 years.

    The best thing is Magnesium. Take about 500mg a day. This prevent migraines for me.

    Next, if you get one, put a 50 to 70 mg tables of Niacin under your tongue when it starts. Take another one if the migraine does not subside.

    Good Luck with your recovery.

  2. While I appreciate your helpful comments about migraine prevention, I do whole heartily recommend the 1-2-3 System and diet.

    The book and author wrote directly to my pain, my fears and introduced a solution that worked.
    I URGE you, if you suffer from migraines and really DO want to feel better and lessen the migraines tat strike you, give the book a chance. Take the 4 months to learn better eating habits that reduce/eliminate your intake of migraine over-the-threshold foods.

    I stand by as a witness to the positive change I have received from my strict adherence to the 4 month diet rule and am continuing to eat well, slowly introducing foods that were otherwise banned from my menu.
    And, most importantly, I have been migraine free for almost 4 months, instead of the 4 to 10 I’d have a day or the one that would keep bedridden very couple of weeks.
    If I can do it, so can you (if you suffer migraines from somewhat unknown causes and your neurologist can find no head trauma that is at the root of your illness.
    Best wishes,

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