Improvements in New Year 2008

Sometimes life seems to be a continuing penance for actions done and not done.
There are unexplained events that seem so unfair yet give strength to people simply because you endure.
But on a personal level is it enough?

It’s been more than 18 months since my cancer diagnosis.

I am still here.

It’s been 14 months, or so, since my cancer treatment.

I am still here.

And it is a New Year, 2008, full of hope and dreams.

I am surviving well enough these recent days. Cutting off my beer intake has seemed to lessen the number and overall severity of my headaches. Down from a dozen or so a day some lasting 20 minutes, some lasting hours, often including photophobia and audiophobia, to just one or two that are less severe.

The neuropathy seems to be under control using the gabapentin. I still have episodes of my feet and hands tingling with fire, or the feeling of broken shards of glass being pressured into them, but again the number of times in a day this occurs has gone down.

I am looking forward to being a cancer survivor and getting back some control of my life, one-eyed or not.
Forward I move.