Getting Better

Headache free!

Well almost…

Instead of 8 – 12 headaches a day I’m down to one headache every couple of days. the “1-2-3 Program” has worked for me!!


It’s a battle… the biggest difference came when I stopped drinking beer.

Within 2 days I was not waking up with headaches, I was not having rebound headaches… It was like magic.

My whole atttude changed… I have to admit, my personality was less than pleasant, I was horrible to be around… but thta was the migraine in me acting and speaking, not the real me.

I owe Sheila more than gratitude… for putting up with me I cannot understand where she found the power inside herself. I knwo that I would not have been so easily forgiving.

She does love me. Much for foever…

i am blessed…I can hope the recovery persist and i’ll be able to reciprocate the love that I have for her.

Always and forever

Now the backup story:

I was working at one of the largest Western Canada pharmacies/department stores… I was a  simple part-time computer salesman.