Could be worse, I guess…

My last appointment with Dr. Paton well quite well. The tumor has shrunk according to all expectations.

I am a cancer survivor.

I am now to have checkups every 6 months to ensure that the tumor does continue to NOT grow.

Although I should be relieved by this information, I am some reservations. I will have, possibly for the rest of my life, 6 month regular checkups to be certain that the tumor does not start growing again  (which would mean removal of the eye) and also to follow-up that the cancer is not spreading elsewhere.

I feel that my life is being measured in 6 month increments.

And I know that I have to make the most of every 6 months for there could be a wolf at the door.

I love my life, my wife and my kids.

Let this time limitation have a positive affect on my life. Let me not let slip away the things that I could really most enjoy with my wife and kids… yes, a learning experience, a reason to better enjoy life.

If I can follow these instructions to my self, life could get a lot better, for me and my family.

God please grant me the wisdom and grace to make this happen.