It’s been a wild ride to now (October 11 2008)

It is now October, the 11th and it’s snowing, hard enough to stay, and if it continues we’ll be shoveling the driveway tomorrow. I can’t believe that it’s been so long since my last post. I have had a period of great improvements in my health, great stabilization in the pain management and headache issues that have plagued me over the years. But I feel that I am now in a downward spiral. The pain that has struck my hands and feet is now moving permanently into my shins and wrists.

I notice the pain more often when I have not been taking my Gabapentin on time. A regular scheduled dose taking time missed by a couple of hours later and it takes days to get my body back to the pain-free state it was in weeks ago. The stress of maintaining a level head, of being able to think clearly, of moving my fingers on the keyboard accurately has all but left me. (Thank goodness for spell check!)

The days are shorter, getting shorter every day, we have snow today which involves a while new skill-set of house maintenance that I am not sure I will be able to accomplish anymore. My head often feels like an empty balloon, unable to process a string of thoughts, easily distracted by nothing, just an empty thought not tied to anything directly I am doing.

What level of transformation am I now in? The interview that I started with Talib Qizilbasb in June 08 has been published in October’s edition of Optical Prism€ the optician’s professional magazine for Canada. My hope is that at least one person, whether doctor or soon-to-be-patient has the opportunity to learn from my experiences and not have to go through the events that has so significantly changed life. The article pages are available now and shown as article attachments.

My energy levels, are no longer what they were. My thoughts are frazzled and strained. While I appreciate outside involvement in my life (I have restarted a part time job I had to give up years ago) I find that the after affects are overwhelming. Hopefully this is simply an adjustment period.

Please continue joining this blog and adding your comments, without them I don’t know what I can count on next.

November is my latest checkup date. After months from April 6 what will I have to report? The left eye although there is very limited peripheral vision, that is diminishing. Then wide eye straight ahead vision area (central vision) is getting worse by far. It used to be a waterfall effect that just obscured how my central vision was being blocked from seeing, now it’s dark spots that are the vision eliminators. I am scared about this change in my sight. I can live with the obscure bright areas but now with those vision areas being darker, much darker€¦ I am worried. This type of change cannot be good.

In a month I will find out what the next step is. And I will not worry until then.

My friends, stay in touch, I look forward to your support. RL