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The November 2008 Checkup

This six month checkup has come and gone… with no clear answer as to the state of the cancer that hides behind my eye.

Has the tumor shrunk? Gotten larger?

Are the blood vessels that fed the tumor still working even after the proton radiation treatment?

From this trip there are no answers… nothing positive, nothing negative.

Once again I find my life, my future, in limbo.

There has been pain in my eye, in my head and there is a distinct redness, broken blood vessels, in my eye. If I can I will post a picture…

I am using eye drops as my doctor believes, at this checkup, that the tear ducts in my eye are no longer functioning.

Eye drops, every 2 to 4 hours, is a chore, but it does ease the eye pain I have been feeling lately, over the last few months. Is this the deterioration of my eye that will lead me to losing it? These thoughts race through my head regularly, But enough already.

I will wait, for the, whatever it is, to develop. I have no other choice, do I?

6 Month Checkup

Right now it’s a normal night, but yet it’s full of tension, as far as I am feeling.

My wife and I are packing our suitcase (a large, shared one) in preparation of our traveling to Vancouver tomorrow, for my 6 month checkup on Monday.

It’s hard for me to be prepared for anything these days… my thoughts are askew… it’s hard to maintain a straight mental focus on the job at hand… excluding my jobs, of course.

Any distraction from the reality of having an unknowable cancer within my body is a distraction I will gladly accept.

And Monday will let me know what my future holds… or it won’t.