Happy 2009

With the “non-improvement” diagnosis of last November I have had a real hard time finding joy in the life I have.

Mostly I am a happy guy, going about my business… but the thought of whatever might be growing inside me, turning cell against cell, is scaring the hell out of me.

This is a New Year, new challenges, new obligations, new directions.

I want to thank all of you that have emailed me with letters of support, of sharing your stories with me.

I will not fade quietly, I promise you that.

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  1. Hi, Great, Congrats, I too, have Ocular Melanoma, my name is Joyce Sharpe, I was diagnosed in Jan. 2009, which was a complete shock, my husband passed away in Oct.2008, then this. Well, I had the plaque treatment on Jan.28, 2009. I was in Mayo Clinic, in Jacksonville, Fl. for 6 days. I had my last checkup on April 24. it has began to shrink just at three months. Thank God. I am praying for you also. Take Care.

  2. Rob,
    Thank you for posting this blog! My mother, who’s 51 years old is also fighting ocular melanoma (as well as metasticized melanoma that has spread throughout her organs and body). She went to the Baja Nutri Care Center in Tijuana and is on the Gerson Therapy, which I highly recommend to ALL Melanoma patients as there are so many survivors and the cancer centers don’t want you to know about it because there are no drugs involved. You detoxify your body and build your immune system with a vegan diet along with carrot/green leafy juices. The diet is not easy but it is worth it. I’d like to send you a photo of my mom’s eye to see if it is something similar to what you’ve dealt with (severe edema with tumors behind the eye muscle). Please email me at cyberstepp@yahoo.com.

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