3rd Anniversary

3 years ago today, July 4 2006, was the day I was told I have cancer “Ocular melanoma”.

I was having a good day until I remembered it.

But life hasn’t been completely full of hardship. I have a good marriage, a great wife, and fine step-children.

I work hard at keeping a positive attitude and move forward each day.

I hope that at least all of this is what you have during your battle too.

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  1. Rob

    I am Canadian living in Houston Texas and just gone through plaque radiation treatmentfor choroidal melanoma left eye bottom back last month. Been a roller caster ride and I sympatize with all your comments especially the fear of metastisising. I am thinking of returning to Canda next year for retirement and was hoping you could give me an opinion on the quality of health care in this field. I have heard horror stories on wait times etc are they true.
    I was able to get fully diagnosed and treated in 1 month here but cost a small fortune around $100K I need to get back to BC for the health care as insurance once I retire is way high

    Glad you are doing better and good luck – Peter

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