Pain experienced

I am having a hard time with the pain.

I am currently taking 1200mg of gabapentin 4 times a day, the maximum dose my neurologist said I could take. My next appointment with her, my neurologist, is December 2. That’s right, just about 9 months away.

I haven’t seen her in about 18 months. I’m almost certain that she didn’t suspect that this pain would progress as much as it has, but waiting is part of the game now.

Of course, I will be calling her office every day to see if there is a cancelled appointment that I can get.

Such is life.

The Pain Experience

The joints in my hands feel like they are, alternately, being pushed apart and compressed.

My face feels like it is swollen.

My feet are very cold and sore.

There is very little relief throughout the day.

My concentration is shot, carrying thoughts are often very difficult. And, apparently, I have mood swings.

Not only does it suck to be me but it also sucks to be around me.

At least it’s almost bed time, there will be some relief if I can get some sleep.