Two More Tests

April 30 2011
After a day of travel my travel is done. I slept uneasily and have completed my MRI of my liver and will get the results on Monday, my next appointment.

I can’t sleep tonight. It just won’t come to me. I can’t relax, I can’t continue with any strings of thought and for some reason the hotel ice is conspiring against me to keep my beer warm.

I missed the royal wedding because I was so tired yesterday and my tiredness continued through most of today… until now that is.

Monday 12:30 is my next appointment. I will get the preliminary results. I will better understand my immediate and long term future.

Will my left eye stay or go? Why do I even have to ask this question?

It’s going to be a long two days.

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  1. Hi Rob
    I’ve just discoverd your site and I wanted to write to you to tell you that I too am battling with melanoma. I wrote my story in my profile. I don’t know if you can access it? Anyhow, in it I advise you to look into althernative therapies as their succuss rate is far greater than it is with conventional therapy. i would recommend in particular Max Gerson’s diet and therapy. I have just begun to follow it. First thing I did was eliminate all animal products from my diet and I’m already beginning to feel better and burp less. His book can be found on Amazon and his daughter Charlotte is very actively keeping her father’s mesage alive by publicising it, and thro the foundation of her hospital in Tijuanan Mexico. I believer that our medicine is our food and food our medicine (Hyppocrates) If ou give up meat products and start juicing, you begin to feel better in a very short space of time. The better you feel the more motivated you’ll be to continue. Hope this encouragement and advice will help you.
    Be courages, don’t five up the fight!

  2. Rob
    I read your story and can empathize. I lost my left eye on 2/14/06 and had ocular melanoma as well.
    I am dealing with a reoccurence right now in my right lung.
    What has youyr recent research yielded thus far?
    Kenton K. Brown

  3. Hi Robert
    Thank you for sharing your difficult journey to help others. I am not sure how you are as it has been a month or two since your last post – I hope and pray that you are doing OK.

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