Pre-surgery Vacation

vacations are great stress relievers.
Rob in the pool.
I am happily spending two weeks with my sister and her husband, both are very supportive and we are having a blast.
Surgery is literally thousands of miles away and figuratively in another life.
I want to thank everyone that has reached out to me to offer their support.
This battle is never over and the gratitude I have for you is beyond words.
Take some time in the next week to really live your life, that is what I am doing!

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  1. I want to introduce myself and tell you that I am watching your blog as I am emotionally supporting my best friend who also has uveal melanoma. She has been through enucleation. It went well and it is now 7 years later and she is being treated for lesion to the liver. That is going well also. I want to encourage you to keep fighting, one day at a time. Medicine solutions are increasing exponentially and they will find a way to beat this. I will add you to my prayers.

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