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I Am Home

Rob: Post Enucleation

Rob: Post Enucleation

I am home. Comforting words if ever there were.

There has only been a few times in my life, and I’m sure you’ve experienced this too, that walking in the door helps to settle your nerves and put the previous events behind you.

I find it very hard to write about my enucleation, I am still in some pain. It is too fresh.
But I am well, otherwise, and look forward to sharing more of my journey in a couple of days time when my strength returns more.

The fake eye I am holding in the photo is a gift from a friend. Thanks Kat, you made me smile at a most dificult time.

In the Jean Barber cancer lodge

This is the night before surgery. I am staying in the Jean Barber cancer lodge before my morning admission to the hospital.
I feel oddly calm. In this place, filled with positivity, it’s hard to feel scared of the future. Thank you Jean Barber, wherever you are.
To my family and friends, keep a thought for me. To you, a visitor to my story, thank you, your comments, and even just your visit here, have greatly lifted my spirit. I trust that somehow I have offered what you have searched for.
I am ready for surgery and to put this chapter behind me, I know that what happens after will be the biggest chapter of my life.