2015: The Year of Promise?

It’s been many months since I’ve added to my blog. In all honesty I haven’t had a lot of good to report in my life.

In 2014 my divorce was finalized. It was hard. 

I searched for work, found jobs and left them. I am working now in a growing company and that offers me some much needed positivity.

Since moving east more than a year and a half ago I am still waiting for my medical records to be transferred to my doctor where I live now.

A recent MRI shows several “spots” on my liver which causes me great concern (I’m already past the 5 year survival rate of my cancer) and without my medical records and past MRIs my doctors here are starting from scratch observing my cancer. Previously there were 2 spots on my liver, thought to be common blood clots and not worthy of a painful biopsy.

I know that it could be months, and not years, for a deadly turn of circumstances and am hopeful that my recent campaign of daily faxes for a medical records transfer to my previous doctors has brought my history to my current physicians so that I have a meaningful discussion with my doctor at my appointment which is next week.

Many of you will understand the pressure this brings on a person and I hope that if you are in similar circumstances you can offer the patience and understanding that someone in my position needs.

Losing an eye is not the worse thing that can happen to a person although it does bring its own challenges (and I’ll never enjoy a 3D movie!) so I do not seek out pity.

Like others in my situation I am looking to close out the bad thoughts of what could happen by having the medical information of my situation available that will help to determine my future.

And that I can plan a happy life starting in 2015.