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Into Fall and a New Place

The world is relentless in that it wants to continually move forward, not back, and not stand still.

I find myself now living with family in Ontario, 4,000km from where my cancer journey started.

A new place filled with hope and shiny things. Well, hope at least. Instead of being 3300km from my doctors, I hope to be much closer although the process for getting seen by an oncologist seems daunting.

I have to wait for my OHIP (government health care) to begin, then the search for a family doctor begins. It is this physician that can then refer me to an opthalmologist (to check my eye?) who can then either make the appointments for my cancer check-up or refer me yet again to another doctor/specialist.

Currently I am waiting for a call back from the Princess Margaret Hospital to have, I hope, a streamlined plan set up so that some of this hunting and waiting is eliminated.

It’s not just having cancer, or an eye removed, that is worrisome. It’s not having the medical support around in case anything happens in the meantime. Between screenings, I mean.

This is a major change in my life and I am scared.

Vancouver 2012 Prosthetic Appointments Have Arrived

Red eye, blue eye, will lead to something completely different.

Red eye, blue eye

After a miserable series of occurances (detailed in previous posts) am have finally healed well enough to travel since my enucleation and following appendectomy surgeries in August 2011.

Tonight is my first night at the Park Inn. I’ll have a nice sleep then wake early and have breakfast, eggs, bacon and toast with a liberal number of coffees.

Then it’s off to my first of 5 appointment over the next two days to have my eye fitted with my new life-like prosthetic.

When this series of appointments is over I will post pictures of my new left eye. I’m sure the people at work will be happy to see the “zombie” finally put to rest.

I'll sleep well tonight

Wish me luck!

Auction News Update

There has been a lot of traffic to my Ebay auction page and my is spreading the word well, not only about the auction but also about ocular melanoma too.

As well I have put up a Facebook event (everyone is invited) to help me celebrate the winning bidder,
You can go here Facebook event or simply go to the website for details.