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The “Ocular Auction” is now live!

Please bid on my Ebay auction!

Please bid on my Ebay auction!

Help me out by telling everyone you know about my auction:
Visit My Auction Page

I am hoping to have a good hearted company or individual to help me pay for my expenses involved with getting my ocular prosthetic.

Tell everyone you know. And thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Full details at

The news of the auction is picking up some steam as you can see from these links:
Kamloops Daily News
Ottawa Sun
Toronto Sun CNews

~ Robert

I Am Home

Rob: Post Enucleation

Rob: Post Enucleation

I am home. Comforting words if ever there were.

There has only been a few times in my life, and I’m sure you’ve experienced this too, that walking in the door helps to settle your nerves and put the previous events behind you.

I find it very hard to write about my enucleation, I am still in some pain. It is too fresh.
But I am well, otherwise, and look forward to sharing more of my journey in a couple of days time when my strength returns more.

The fake eye I am holding in the photo is a gift from a friend. Thanks Kat, you made me smile at a most dificult time.

In the Jean Barber cancer lodge

This is the night before surgery. I am staying in the Jean Barber cancer lodge before my morning admission to the hospital.
I feel oddly calm. In this place, filled with positivity, it’s hard to feel scared of the future. Thank you Jean Barber, wherever you are.
To my family and friends, keep a thought for me. To you, a visitor to my story, thank you, your comments, and even just your visit here, have greatly lifted my spirit. I trust that somehow I have offered what you have searched for.
I am ready for surgery and to put this chapter behind me, I know that what happens after will be the biggest chapter of my life.

Pre-surgery Vacation

vacations are great stress relievers.

Rob in the pool.

I am happily spending two weeks with my sister and her husband, both are very supportive and we are having a blast.
Surgery is literally thousands of miles away and figuratively in another life.
I want to thank everyone that has reached out to me to offer their support.
This battle is never over and the gratitude I have for you is beyond words.
Take some time in the next week to really live your life, that is what I am doing!