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Eye Patch Day is May 20

Eye Patch Day is May 20, 2014.

Show your support for eye cancer patients by wearing an eye patch on this day.

May 20 is Eye Patch Day

May 20 is Eye Patch Day

Ocular Melanoma in the News

Ocular Melanoma Liver Metastasis Pathway
Ocular melanoma is a rare cancer, with an incidence of approximately 7 cases per million population per year. In the UK there are 4 supra-regionally funded …

Quality of Life – Retirement: A Full-Time Job
Yesterday, I learned more about ocular melanoma than I’ve ever known before. This article in the New York Times brought back all those memories and gave …

NY Times Article on Genetic Testing to OM. | Melanoma Research
Some people are starting to talk about “living with” Stage 4 ocular melanoma as a possibility. If tumors are detected early, and treated, maybe one can live long …

CE | 20/20 Magazine
Severed optic nerves, ocular melanoma, detached retinas, pterygia, orbital fractures…these are some of the catastrophic injuries and diseases that occur when …

Genetic test identifies if your eye cancer will spread

Cancer tumor test says it can identify, with 97% accuracy, whether your ocular melanoma will spread to other parts of your body.

“When the cancer spreads beyond the eye, it’s unlikely any therapy is going to be effective,” says principal investigator J. William Harbour, MD. “But it’s very possible that we can develop treatments to slow the growth of metastatic tumors. The real importance of this test is that by identifying the type of tumor a patient has, we can first remove the tumor from the eye with surgery or radiation and then get those individuals at high risk into clinical trials that might be able to help them live longer.”

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Ron North releasing his own charity single

Lanark student Ron North producing charity single after cancer fight

AFTER losing one of his eyes to a rare form of cancer, Ron North is aiming to raise funds – by releasing his own charity single.
Music student Ron (26) was diagnosed with ocular melanoma in June 2009.
A series of treatments failed and he eventually had to have his right eye removed in September last year.
But he is now releasing the single, Do These Words, to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

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