Eye Patch Day is May 20

Eye Patch Day is May 20, 2014.

Show your support for eye cancer patients by wearing an eye patch on this day.

May 20 is Eye Patch Day

May 20 is Eye Patch Day

It’s been a while. Where do I start?

My health is great.

I recently had my annual scans and I remain cancer-free.

Life does go on and I am lucky to not be suffering as others are through this awful disease.

The thoughts are always in the back of my mind that my health may not be stable, it may be at it’s peak ready to pull my legs out from under me.

But they are far and few between.

Thank you for stopping by, for caring. Feel free to reach out, I care.

Into Fall and a New Place

The world is relentless in that it wants to continually move forward, not back, and not stand still.

I find myself now living with family in Ontario, 4,000km from where my cancer journey started.

A new place filled with hope and shiny things. Well, hope at least. Instead of being 3300km from my doctors, I hope to be much closer although the process for getting seen by an oncologist seems daunting.

I have to wait for my OHIP (government health care) to begin, then the search for a family doctor begins. It is this physician that can then refer me to an opthalmologist (to check my eye?) who can then either make the appointments for my cancer check-up or refer me yet again to another doctor/specialist.

Currently I am waiting for a call back from the Princess Margaret Hospital to have, I hope, a streamlined plan set up so that some of this hunting and waiting is eliminated.

It’s not just having cancer, or an eye removed, that is worrisome. It’s not having the medical support around in case anything happens in the meantime. Between screenings, I mean.

This is a major change in my life and I am scared.

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