My ocular melanoma experience has been written up in “Optical Prism” a magazine targeted to opticians, opthmologists and eye care workers throughout Canada in their magazine article for the Fall 2008.

Here are the articles in photo format (they are large, you may have to scroll around… sorry):

Cover page
OP Sept 2008 12.JPG

Early detection
OP Sept 2008 2.JPG

Pre-plaque choroidal melanomaOP Sept 2008 3.JPG

 Detection and risk factors

OP Sept 2008 4.JPGOP Sept 2008 4.JPG

Proton radiation in practice

OP Sept 2008 5.JPG

Ocular melanoma confirmations and follow-ups

OP Sept 2008 6.jpg

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  1. I read here that you too suffered from headaches. I continually have headaches and am told time and time again it has nothing to do with my OM. I just don’t believe it. I am so frustrated by it.

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