This is is my story. My battle with Ocular Melanoma started in 2003 and continues today. The newest posts are first. If you want to start reading my story from the beginning, start here.

Pupil monitor

You can see how the areas of my visible right eye (during treatment, because of the loss of central vision in my left eye, the

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Two monitors are used

The proton radiation treatments are monitored from a short distance. No one wants to be in the same room as the patient (for safety and

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Watched via monitor

Rob getting setup as seen in one of the monitors that are used to watch the proton radiation procedure by the doctors, assistants, physicists and

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In the chair

Once the mask is made they have to put it to use. They use it by fitting it on your face having you clamp down

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Treatment 2 and 3

Saturday was treatment day 2. There was a mislocation of some of the pictures from my file so instead of having the treatment in the

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