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5 years already. Time for a new eye!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 5 years since my enucleation.

So much has happened in my life and so much continues to get better and better.

My annual checkups show no signs of mets (thank God), my right eye is as good as ever (although I do need a new prescription, getting older dontchya know) and life just keeps offering opportunities that are too good to let slip by.

My first appointment for my new eye was earlier today. It’s great to find a caring and respectful ocularist that understands the impact this whole experience, since 2003, has had on me.

In just a couple more visits I’ll have a new and improved eye! Yup, I’m EXCITED!

If you are in need of an ocularist or need a “polish and clean” look up Darren Hall of Hall & Associates in North York, Ontario. I don’t think you’ll find better!

2016: Year of the Eye

It’s now 5 years, almost, since my enucleation and ocular prosthetic being made.

My health is great, scans and follow-ups all show no recurrence of cancer, no mets and all that stuff that could appear.

Now that I am living in a new area the search begins not only for a professional to craft my new prosthetic eye but to find the funding to help pay for it.

Luckily the Ontario government has an Assistive Devices Program (I hope it’s still active) that pays up to 75% of the cost. The first eye cost over $2,000.00.

The challenge is ahead to get this done sooner rather than later since I don’t know the process. Wish me well.