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The “Ocular Auction” is now live!

Please bid on my Ebay auction!

Please bid on my Ebay auction!

Help me out by telling everyone you know about my auction:
Visit My Auction Page

I am hoping to have a good hearted company or individual to help me pay for my expenses involved with getting my ocular prosthetic.

Tell everyone you know. And thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Full details at EyeForACure.com

The news of the auction is picking up some steam as you can see from these links:
Kamloops Daily News
Ottawa Sun
Toronto Sun
Canoe.ca CNews

~ Robert

Vancouver again

Once again I find myself at the Vancouver Eye Care Clinic. It’s been a long day, now 6hours in and three eye tests and examinations with more to come yet.

These exams will help me to decide if I should take the final step and have my eye removed, end the associated, recurring pain and move on to my next battle, fine fiber neuropathy.

All will be revealed over the next 24 hours. I do have some interesting images of me eye to share, I’ll post them once I am home again.