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Vancouver 2012 Prosthetic Appointments Have Arrived

Red eye, blue eye, will lead to something completely different.

Red eye, blue eye

After a miserable series of occurances (detailed in previous posts) am have finally healed well enough to travel since my enucleation and following appendectomy surgeries in August 2011.

Tonight is my first night at the Park Inn. I’ll have a nice sleep then wake early and have breakfast, eggs, bacon and toast with a liberal number of coffees.

Then it’s off to my first of 5 appointment over the next two days to have my eye fitted with my new life-like prosthetic.

When this series of appointments is over I will post pictures of my new left eye. I’m sure the people at work will be happy to see the “zombie” finally put to rest.

I'll sleep well tonight

Wish me luck!

In the Jean Barber cancer lodge

This is the night before surgery. I am staying in the Jean Barber cancer lodge before my morning admission to the hospital.
I feel oddly calm. In this place, filled with positivity, it’s hard to feel scared of the future. Thank you Jean Barber, wherever you are.
To my family and friends, keep a thought for me. To you, a visitor to my story, thank you, your comments, and even just your visit here, have greatly lifted my spirit. I trust that somehow I have offered what you have searched for.
I am ready for surgery and to put this chapter behind me, I know that what happens after will be the biggest chapter of my life.